Timothy Bradley jailed for drunken rant on BA flight

A US businessman who drunkenly abused staff on a British Airways flight to London has been jailed for three months.

Timothy Bradley, 32, a mortgage consultant, of Phoenix, Arizona, had pleaded guilty to common assault and being drunk on an aircraft.

The incident took place on 20 August on a Phoenix to London flight.

Isleworth Crown Court heard Bradley swore at staff and was abusive after he was refused more alcohol.

The businessman had been drinking beers and bourbon cocktails with friends before boarding the flight and had continued to drink once aboard.

'Fear and distress'

Early on in the flight he began chatting up a female crew member, Charlotte Howell, who was replaced by her male colleague Stuart Williams, after she felt uneasy.

The businessman told Ms Howell "I love you" after she served him champagne, but he denied telling her she was "sexy".

When Mr Williams replaced her and refused to serve him drinks, he swore at him.

The court heard that Bradley, who had also refused to turn down the music on his laptop, was aggressive towards John Manson, the head of cabin crew, when he was brought in to calm the passenger.

The court heard Mr Manson feared being attacked when Bradley aggressively confronted him and was so close that his spit landed on Mr Manson's clothes.

Bradley told him: "Do you think I'm going to stab the pilot?".

'Thoroughly abusive'

The businessman was also handed a written warning about his conduct, which he threw away, and crew on the flight had restraints ready for him, the court heard.

He was arrested soon after the Boeing 747 landed at Heathrow Airport.

Sentencing Bradley, Judge Richard McGregor-Johnson said: "You were thoroughly abusive, threatening, making foul remarks to a number of people and [Mr John Manson, the head of cabin crew] quite plainly thought that he was about to be attacked.

"This happened on an aircraft in a confined space and caused, I've no doubt, fear and distress to others who of course could not escape from you."

The court was told Bradley was "totally and utterly ashamed" about his behaviour which was "out of character" for him.

He has been in custody for 32 days and will now serve another two months in jail.

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