Ali Dizaei to appeal against his suspension by MPA

Ali Dizaei
Image caption Ex-Scotland Yard commander Ali Dizaei will receive his £90,000-a-year salary until his retrial

Former Metropolitan Police commander Ali Dizaei has said he will appeal against his suspension by the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA).

Mr Dizaei, 49, was sacked after he was jailed last year for misconduct and perverting the course of justice. His convictions were overturned in May.

On Thursday the Police Appeals Tribunal ruled he should be reinstated.

But the MPA suspended Mr Dizaei on full pay until after next year's retrial. It said it was not a presumption of guilt.

The commander, who had served as a police officer for 24 years before being sacked, will receive his £90,000 salary before standing trial next year.

He told the BBC's Radio 4 Today programme he would be appealing against the MPA's decision out of principle.

Mr Dizaei said: "I think your ordinary citizen will say a person is being paid a pay package he should earn and work for that money.

"There are plenty of jobs I could be doing to earn the money I am being paid without interfering with front-line policing."

Following last week's decision not to reinstate Mr Dizaei, an MPA spokesman said: "After careful deliberation the committee unanimously decided to suspend him.

"Suspension is not a disciplinary sanction and it is emphasised that suspension should not be taken as a presumption of guilt."

'Wasps' nest'

However, Mr Dizaei's lawyers said he had always maintained his previous dismissal pending his criminal appeal was in haste and unfair.

Mr Dizaei was released in May after 15 months in prison, which he described as "hell" and "like putting a hand in a wasps' nest".

He will face a retrial in 2012, accused of misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice.

Mr Dizaei was charged over an incident outside the Persian Yas restaurant in Kensington, west London, in July 2008.

Mr Dizaei arrested Waad Al-Baghdadi after being involved in a scuffle with him, and has been accused of knowing there were no reasonable grounds to detain him.

He is also alleged to have perverted the course of justice by falsely claiming in written statements he was the victim of an unprovoked assault by Mr Al-Baghdadi.

Mr Dizaei pleaded not guilty to the charges in June.

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