London mother denies killing baby by force-feeding

A mother accused of killing her baby daughter by force-feeding her has told a court she did nothing to hurt her.

Prosecutors allege the 31-year-old and her husband caused the 10-month-old child's death by using the spout of a jug to pour food into her mouth.

The Old Bailey heard meat and cereals were found in the baby's lungs.

The mother and father, 37, who lived in east London and cannot be named, deny allowing or causing the girl's death in March 2010 through force-feeding.

Chicken soup

While giving evidence the mother, who is a nurse, showed jurors two small china jugs, the size of cups, which she said she used.

She said she made up feeds, including liquidised chicken soup, in one jug and transferred small amounts into the other which she fed the girl with.

The girl did not feed well and she was trying "to give her nutrients rather than milk".

She said "I didn't do anything to her. I didn't do anything at all to hurt her."

The mother said she had fed her daughter, then left for work on the night shift.

At 04:00, police officers arrived at her workplace to take her to another hospital because her daughter had died.

She denied she had forced the baby to take the feed by ignoring coughing and choking.

The trial continues.

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