Convicted killer 'stabbed friend to death' in London

A man stabbed his friend to death while staying at a west London probation hostel after serving a prison term for killing another man, a court has heard.

Mohammed Khaleel cut Michael Zubrot's throat at his home in nearby Perivale last year, jurors were told.

The Old Bailey heard Mr Khaleel was convicted of the manslaughter of David Sheehan, 35, in November 2003, and jailed for eight years.

Mr Khaleel, 38, of Ealing, west London, denies murder.

Decomposing body

Jurors heard Mr Sheehan was found stabbed to death in his flat in Boston Road, Hanwell, west London.

After serving his jail term for Mr Sheehan's manslaughter Mr Khaleel moved to the probation hostel on 23 April 2010.

The following month he met 67-year-old Mr Zubrot near Walpole Park, the jury was told.

Duncan Penny, prosecuting, said Mr Zubrot was last seen walking along Ealing Broadway with Mr Khaleel.

'Bled to death'

Mr Zubrot's decomposing body was found 10 days later at his home in Buckingham Avenue.

Mr Penny said: "He had suffered a series of stab wounds to the neck and back. His throat had been cut.

"The convicted killer Mohammed Khaleel had killed again.

"Again he had cut the throat of his victim. Again his victim had been left to bleed to death in the victim's own home."

The case continues.

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