Mohammed Khaleel jailed for second killing

Mohammed Khaleel
Image caption Mohammed Khaleel had been jailed in 2003 for eight years for killing his friend

A convicted killer who killed again within months of being released from prison on licence has been jailed.

Mohammed Khaleel, 38, was convicted at the Old Bailey of killing Michael Zubrot last August Bank Holiday Monday.

He had been staying at a probation hostel in Ealing, west London, after serving eight years in jail for killing his friend, David Sheehan, in 2003.

Judge Peter Thornton said Mr Zubrot's killing was "cold-blooded" and jailed Khaleel for a minimum of 33 years.

Khaleel was said to be obsessed with the occult and was a vampire and horror fan.

The court heard that, in both cases, Khaleel had cut his victim's throat as he stood behind them.

In January 2003, Khaleel cut the throat of Mr Sheehan, 35, and laid his body out in a cross at his home in Boston Road, Hanwell, west London.

He had stabbed his friend 50 times with a metal knife sharpener and cut his throat with a knife.

'Bleed to death'

At Southwark Crown Court, he was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of provocation, and jailed for eight years in November 2003.

The judge at the time said it was one of the most savage attacks he had dealt with in 40 years.

At the Old Bailey, the court heard how Mr Zubrot, a 67-year-old local man, was last seen walking along Ealing Broadway with Khaleel, who had befriended him shortly after he had been released on licence.

Prosecutor Duncan Penny said Mr Zubrot's decomposing body was found 10 days later at his home in Buckingham Avenue, Perivale, west London.

His arms and legs were stretched out and his palms were open and he had been stabbed in the neck and back as well as having his throat cut.

"The convicted killer Mohammed Khaleel had killed again," said Mr Penny.

"Again he had cut the throat of his victim. Again his victim had been left to bleed to death in the victim's own home."

Mr Penny added that Khaleel had returned to his hostel before his night-time curfew after the murder.

The Old Bailey also heard that Khaleel, who tried to blame someone else for the killing, had also been released on licence on an earlier occasion, but was recalled after six weeks.

At sentencing, Judge Peter Thornton told him: "This was a cold-blooded killing, particularly savage in its execution."

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