Boiling water poured over man in Deptford burglary

Boiling water from a kettle was poured over a man after three men barged into his south-east London home and demanded the code to a safe, police said.

The suspects, armed with a mallet and an imitation firearm, entered the house in Deptford on 22 December after the 48-year-old answered his door.

He was beaten before being dragged to the basement where the safe was.

Officers are looking for three suspects, aged between 20 and 25, over the aggravated burglary.

Police said they were releasing details for the first time on Wednesday as they had exhausted all lines of inquiry.

Burn injuries

The suspects beat and kicked the victim, a Vietnamese man, as they went through the house looking for valuables.

When the victim, a restaurant owner, said he did not know the code to the safe in the basement, the suspects poured scalding water over him.

He pretended to be unconscious, which stopped the assault, police said.

The attackers fled the property empty handed and drove off in a vehicle after the victim shouted through a vent in the basement and a neighbour raised the alarm.

The victim suffered burns to his face, neck and body and was treated in hospital. He has since been discharged.

Police have described the attackers as black men, about 5ft 11in tall, wearing dark clothing.

One of the men wore a high visibility jacket while another was wearing sport clothing and a black woolly hat.

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