Cyclist talks of impact collision had on his life

I've just met an extremely inspiring cyclist called Andrew Curran.

He was hit by a car while out cycling near Box Hill last May and nearly died. It was three weeks before his wedding.

Here is my full interview with him:

He was flown to Royal London hospital in Whitechapel where trauma surgeons saved his life.

He lost part of his lung and spent three weeks in a coma, and he has endured months of rehab.

Mr Curran is now back at work at British Airways. He's extremely positive, is involved in a triathlon club called the Viceroys, and is trying to encourage people to get fit.

He is also an advocate of cycling helmets and says wearing one saved his life. He's getting married soon. We wish him well.

The reason I interviewed him was Royal London have concluded research showing that HGVs are the most serious threat to cyclists, with one in five of cyclist casualties injured by HGVs.

Research also shows that 21% of cyclists hit by an HGV are likely to die - however when cyclists are hit by cars, the chance of them dying drops 6%.