Partner 'attacked mother in front of two-year-old daughter'

A mother bled to death in front of her two-year-old daughter after being attacked by her partner in south-west London, the Old Bailey heard.

Muhammed Asad Niazi, 29, hit Charito Cruz, 37, over the head with a hammer after realising their relationship was close to ending, jurors heard.

The defendant, of Cambridge Road, Kingston, denies murder but admits manslaughter through depression.

Miss Cruz bled to death at home in front of their daughter last September.

The court heard Mr Niazi acted out of anger and revenge, and not depression, at the breakdown of the relationship.

'Deliberate blows'

Bobbie Cheema, prosecuting, told the court: "Despite pressures and depression due to the relationship break-up, he was not so depressed that his responsibility was diminished in law.

"We say he acted in anger and revenge. He killed her with many deliberate blows to the head using a hammer.

"She bled to death on the floor in front of their two-year-old daughter."

The victim, who came to the UK from Philippines as a student, worked as a nanny and a cleaner because her partner was not eligible to work because of his immigration status.

The defendant cared for their child at the bedsit, while his partner worked.

The case continues.

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