London 2012: Quick road changes for the Olympics

Today I've been looking at how the roads are changing ahead of London 2012 to make space for the Olympic traffic that will arrive towards the end of the week.

Changes are now taking place quickly. Traffic lights continue to be re-phased - some drivers think that adds to the disruption.

And the first major piece of road re-engineering has been carried out - as you'll see from my TV report.

The Strand underpass has now been reversed. That's to clear routes for media buses between Russell Square and Stratford.

Transport for London wants to free up capacity for the Olympic traffic and reduce congestion.

Usually traffic starts to drop off in July, but not this week with the Olympic family beginning to arrive.

Of course all of this is going on prior to the Olympic Route Network on Wednesday, 25 July.

That will allow competitors, officials and the International Olympic Committee to get to the venues. Some of that will be exclusive Games Lanes but Transport for London (TfL) has to reduce the traffic on the rest.

Those plans seem to be going to plan, albeit TfL is warning motorists to avoid central London from the end of the week if they can.

In west London we have the opposite; the stretch between M4 junctions two and three remains shut and that's causing long delays.

It's also on the Olympic route network - the M4 bus lane is meant to be reactivated on Saturday to make it Olympics-only.

The Highways Agency says it should be re-open on Thursday. If not then will Olympic traffic have to fight its way through the jams in west London?

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