Croydon North by-election: Your views

With the Croydon North by-election on Thursday, BBC London asked members of the public and businesses in the constituency what they thought the main issues were and what they hoped the incoming MP would do.

Reubin Smith, retired, Selhurst

Image caption Reubin Smith said safety was his main concern

"Safety is my main concern. People get worried about walking around on their own.

Police started coming around but they've disappeared now.

It's not like years ago when there were regular patrols.

I know they're busy but prevention's better than cure."

Mark Rowe, co-owner of Jamaican Barbeque Centre, Norbury

Image caption Mark Rowe said: "I want genuine people who care about the constituency"

"I don't even know who's running apart from Lee Jasper. None of them have come here.

I want genuine people who care about the constituency they're going to represent.

A lot of candidates don't even come from the area, it's a chance to gain a seat."

Helen Costi, florist, Thornton Heath

Image caption Helen Costi said crime in the area had risen

"I'm very disillusioned - the crime here has gone up so much.

We've had five robberies in the last couple of weeks near here.

My opinion is all politicians are the same.

They're all sweetness then when they get into power it's all mouth and no actions."

Victor Jackson, unemployed, Thornton Heath

Image caption Victor Jackson said he was up for job creation

"If they're going to create jobs then I'm up for that.

I'm looking for a job, I just finished college and I used to be a chef.

I used to live in Hackney for 30 years - it was a bit crime ridden.

Up here seems more pleasant."

Adeeba, unemployed, Norbury

"Probably a little more safety in the area.

There's not a lot of crime but sometimes you hear people drunk at night.

I'd like to see more jobs because I just came here from Brighton in June.

I'm looking for a job and it's very hard - I have a degree."

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