Rape-accused TV actor 'punched victim at school'

A TV actor accused of raping a 14-year-old boy punched his victim after telling him the sex act had been consensual, a court has heard.

A friend of the alleged victim said the actor had told the boy: "Everything that we did you wanted to happen too."

The boy was then punched in the face, leaving him with "tears in his eyes", the Blackfriars Crown Court jury heard.

The actor, who cannot be named as he is under 18, denies one count of oral rape and three counts of sexual assault.

Giving evidence, the actor insisted the acts were consensual.

The attacks are alleged to have taken place between July and September 2010, with the alleged rape taking place in a theatre stairwell when the victim was aged 14.

'Incredibly difficult'

In his police statement, the victim's friend said the TV actor had been in a "temper" when he had approached them at school and told the 14-year-old: "Everything that we did you wanted to happen too, don't make it out like you didn't."

He had then "swung" at the boy's face, "reasonably hard", the court heard.

"He had to go away and recover, and he had tears in his eyes," the friend added.

The witness said he was "close" to the alleged victim, who had tried to tell him about the incidents.

He said: "Initially he said it in a jokey, matey sort of way, and brought up that something happened between him and [the defendant] at the bottom of the stairwell.

"He didn't go into much detail. I could tell it was incredibly difficult for him."

During his evidence to the court, the actor described the first encounter between himself and the complainant: "I was walking downstairs and then he put his hand over my trousers."

He said he then performed a sex act on the boy.

The actor said when he told his girlfriend about it, "she said, 'go on, prove it. I don't believe you'."

He walked out during another sexual encounter because he was "so embarrassed that my girlfriend had seen", the jury heard.

"I have never forced him, I have never forced anyone," he said.

He claimed he was "upset" and "embarrassed" when the alleged victim made the complaint and the actor's parents were informed.

"I couldn't believe what he had been saying about me around school," he added.

The trial continues.

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