Teens who attacked 'defenceless' man, 78, sentenced

A boyfriend and girlfriend who attacked a 78-year-old man who warned them they were driving with no headlights on have been sentenced to 30 months.

Judge Stephen Waller told Christopher Graney and Samantha Fenton they had not shown the "slightest remorse" for their attack on the victim.

The sentence "demonstrates the courts and public's abhorrence for an attack on a defenceless man", he said.

The victim suffered severe bruising to his face in the attack in London.

"His life will never be the same again," the judge said, adding "He was a particularly vulnerable victim and it was a sustained assault."

Punches and kicks

Graney and Fenton, both 19, of Beckenham in south-east London, were convicted of assault at Croydon Crown Court and sentenced to serve time at young offenders' institutions.

The court heard the victim had been waiting for a bus in Bromley at about midnight in October when he saw a car driving towards him without lights on.

He waved to alert the occupants but the vehicle stopped sharply.

Graney, who was driving, and Fenton got out and pushed him to the ground.

They kicked and punched the man before running away.

Fenton incited the attack, in which she also threw punches and kicks, by telling Graney: "You are not going to let him get away with that," the court heard.

Graney was also sentenced to six months for a separate incident in which he pleaded guilty to assault by hitting a bystander with a metal drain cover.

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