Pigeon, mouse and loo roll among causes of London fires

Mouse, toilet roll and pigeon
Image caption Fires were caused by a mouse chewing wires, a toilet roll being microwaved and a pigeon with a cigarette

A pigeon dropping a discarded cigarette down a chimney was among the most unusual causes of London fires in 2013, the city's fire brigade has revealed.

Researchers studied 2,000 incidents in the capital in a bid to highlight the importance of fire safety.

Another case saw a fire caused by a dog hitting a toaster's controls as it leapt on a worktop to reach food.

London Fire Brigade (LFB) investigator Charlie Pugsley said he had seen some "weird and wonderful" things this year.

He added that even the strangest fire could have been prevented by taking simple fire safety precautions.

Other cases which highlighted the more unusual causes of fire included a teenage boy lighting a can of deodorant he had just used on himself ahead of his first date.

The LFB also attended fires started by someone putting a toilet roll which dropped down the loo into a microwave to dry it out and by a mouse eating through the wiring in the back of a fridge freezer.

Mr Pugsley said people should not use microwaves to dry out clothes or other items.

He added that candles should not be left unattended and mirrors and glass, which reflect the sun's rays, needed to be kept away from flammable objects.

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