RMT Union leader Bob Crow dies

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Last updated 11 March 2014


Thank you for reading our live page on reaction to the news that RMT Union general secretary Bob Crow has died at the age of 52.

Bob Crow

STANDARD 17:55 BBC London News

Coming up on BBC London News at 18:30, transport correspondent Tom Edwards takes a look at what drove union boss Bob Crow.

And transport commentator Christian Wolmar - who's also seeking to be Labour's candidate for the next mayoral elections - will be in the studio to give his reaction.

STANDARD 17:48 'Stand up and fight'

A trade union expert has said that the person who takes over Mr Crow's position as general secretary of the RMT Union might be quite similar to him, because of what he achieved as leader.

"I think they (the RMT) will think - and probably quite right - is that what you need with London Underground is someone who is going to stand up and fight on behalf of the members," said Steve Blunt, from Clyde & Co law firm.

STANDARD 17:38 'I'm not hated'

"Well, number one, if anybody says it is nice to be known as hated, they're lying," Bob Crow said in response when a Guardian interviewer in 2009 asked him what it was like to be the most hated man in London following a Tube strike.

He added: "But I'm not hated. They're lying. I'm not the most hated. I tell you what, I've been travelling around on the trains, and I don't get no aggro at all."

STANDARD 17:30 Childhood fight

Mr Lowe, who has known Mr Crow for 44 years, recounts a childhood incident where his friend, who was 13 at the time, was injured.

"We were playing football on a rugby pitch when things got boisterous with some other players who wanted to fight. They ran him over.

"Straight away Bobby said he was fine but we took him to the hospital. When he lifted up his shirt he had a tyre mark on his ribs but he never moaned once.

"I'll always remember that."

STANDARD 17:21 Sports fan

Mr Crow was a big sports fan - as proved by the mementos in his office, pictured here in 2009.

Bob Crow in his office

STANDARD 17:14 Perfect Porridge rip-off

Mr Crow's friend since childhood, Johnny Lowe, said away from the union, Bob - or Bobby as friends called him - would always talk about the old days and was one of the "funniest men I had the privilege to know".

"His laugh was infectious. His humour was visual - he would think someone slipping on a banana skin was hilarious."

Mr Lowe added: "He loved Ronnie Barker. He could do a perfect rip off of Norman Stanley Fletcher (main character in the sitcom Porridge) and he could quote episodes at you."

STANDARD 17:08 Union's tribute

Peter Pinkney, RMT national president, said: "Bob's death leaves a massive gap in the lives of everyone that knew him.

RMT National President Peter Pinkney

"It represents a huge loss in the trade union and labour movement, both in this country and internationally."

BLOG 17:00 Bob Crow in his own words

"At the end of the day, as general secretary of a union, you've got to be larger than life. You don't want to mooch around in a grey suit and eat a sandwich every lunchtime. You want someone with a bit of a spark about him" - as told to BBC Radio 4's PM programme, his last interview.

Read more of his quotes.

STANDARD 16:52 Union's respect

A staff member at the TSSA union office closes the reception in respect of Mr Crow.

Union office closed

The two unions were joined over their battle to prevent Tube ticket offices from closing.