Decapitated cat linked to London killing spree

Bertie Image copyright Snarl
Image caption The death of a fifth cat, Bertie who was found dead in Surrey, is also being linked to the killing spree

A decapitated cat found in south London is the latest victim of a killing spree in the area, an animal charity working with police has said.

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (Snarl) discovered the ginger cat in a garden in London Road, Thornton Heath, on Saturday.

It was the fourth cat found killed in south and south-east London in a week.

Snarl believes the cat was the victim of a killing spree being perpetrated by "one suspect who is highly mobile".

The charity, which is also linking the death of a fifth cat in Frimley, Surrey to the other four, is asking people living between Luton and Brighton to be vigilant.

Image copyright Snarl
Image caption Buddy was found dead with his tail removed

In a statement about the latest killing, Snarl said: "The cat had been dead in the garden for two days before being reported to the police by local bus drivers, who we would like to thank as they called the police.

"Enquiries revealed that the cat, who was decapitated, was well known in the area, normally in the company of another ginger stray, who appears to have gone missing."

The Met Police said police community support officers on patrol in Croydon came across the dead cat at 16:00 BST and police are investigating whether the incident is linked to other reported ones in the area.

Recent cat killings:

  • Ginger cat found decapitated in a garden in Thornton Heath on Saturday, 9 April
  • Buddy discovered in a bush in Forest Hill with his tail removed on 8 April
  • Merlin found decapitated and disembowelled on Crest View Drive in Petts Wood, Bromley on 5 April
  • Persian cat Bertie discovered in Frimley in Surrey on 3 April
  • Tortoiseshell Lulu found decapitated in Kingston on 2 April

The owners of Buddy, who was found dead on Friday, said they were "absolutely distraught at the manner of his death".

Snarl is appealing to owners to keep their cats in at night, warning that "no place is safe".

It is also urging owners to "keep an eye" on their pets during the day, as abductions and killings have taken place in the daytime.

The charity is asking for anyone who spots cat bodies or body parts to get in touch.

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