Plaques stolen from headstones in Salford cemetery

More than 250 metal plaques have been stolen from headstones in a cemetery in Greater Manchester.

Police are trying to contact families affected by the thefts from graves at Agecroft Cemetery Lodge in Salford.

Officers believe thieves may have thought it was an easy way to get metal to sell to be melted down.

Ch Insp Vincent Greener said the theft was an "insult" to the families to see their loved ones' graves "desecrated" in such a way.

'Headstones desecrated'

He said: "We are primarily asking the offenders to have a think about how they would feel about seeing their loved ones' headstones being desecrated like this.

"If they have any good sense they would simply hand the plaques back."

Police said the metal plaques were taken from the tombstones some time between Monday and Wednesday morning.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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