Granada news presenter Bob Greaves dies

A former television presenter who fronted news programmes in north-west England for more than 30 years has died.

Bob Greaves, a presenter for Granada television from 1967 to the late 1990s, lost his battle with cancer on Monday afternoon. He was 76.

The former newspaper journalist, from Sale, once estimated he had presented 12,000 live programmes for Granada.

Mr Greaves presented Granada Reports when it launched in 1973.

Elephant clip

Michael Parkinson, who began his TV career with Mr Greaves on Granada's Scene at Six Thirty in the early 60s, said: "Bob had a great sort of charm and he had what all great communicators have, he understood his audience.

"He spoke their language, which means he didn't speak down to people at all and he understood what level to pitch it at."

Image caption Bob Greaves died on Monday after a battle with cancer

BBC North West Tonight Presenter Gordon Burns, who was a colleague of Mr Greaves on Granada Reports, said: "He was a fantastic character and had a great rapport with the job.

"I think people all over the UK and even the world will remember Bob because of that clip which appeared many times of him reporting from Chester Zoo, when an elephant, started - shall we say - 'investigating' Bob with its trunk.

"It was typical of Bob that he was able to keep talking to camera and laugh about it."

In retirement Mr Greaves was a regular customer at Cafe Nero on School Road in Sale, where staff said he would "hold court" discussing the day's news and local characters with other customers.

"He was just such a nice guy," said manager Adam Smith.

"He's been coming in nearly every weekday for about five years and people just loved him and even if they didn't end up speaking to him, customers would always ask: 'Is that Bob?'"

"He was on the telly for such a long time and he was just a legend - He'll be really missed."

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