Flooding in Manchester after mains pipe bursts

Several properties and a main road near Manchester city centre have been flooded after a large water pipe burst.

The water main in Downing Street, Ardwick Green, burst at about 0450 BST, water company United Utilities said.

The pipe, which is 21in (53cm) wide, has been switched off and the water has receded, a spokesman said.

The road has been badly damaged and is expected to remain closed, from the Mancunian Way and the Apollo theatre roundabout, for up to a week, he added.

Twelve basement flats and three businesses have been flooded.

United Utilities is liaising with Manchester City Council over temporary housing for residents who cannot return to their homes.

'Major burst'

Gary Keenan, whose father owns a block of flats that was flooded, said: "It was up to the front door, you couldn't get across."

He added: "They have stopped it now but the cost is going to be sky high."

Dave Baker, United Utilities water network manager in Manchester, said: "This was a major burst, and we are working hard to complete the repairs as quickly as possible.

"We are also doing everything we can to help business owners and residents whose properties were affected by basement flooding.

"They will have every possible support."