Swinton CCTV camera films vandals cutting its pole

A CCTV camera has recorded vandals attempting to cut down its pole in Greater Manchester.

Two men slice into the camera's support on the corner of Coniston Road and Dorning Road in Swinton at about 1330 BST on Saturday.

The film shows the pole wobbling before the camera zooms in on the men, in dark clothing, attacking the pole with a circular saw.

Police have appealed to anyone who recognises the men to contact them.

'Upsetting criminals'

Ch Insp Vinny Greener, of Greater Manchester Police, said the CCTV had been put up after residents complained about anti-social behaviour on their estate.

"Within days of it being in place it led to the arrest of a wanted man and has already provided evidence regarding anti-social behaviour," he said.

"Clearly its presence is upsetting the criminal fraternity and it has been deliberately attacked in broad daylight for all to see."

The CCTV had been operational for four weeks before the attack, which Mr Greener said had left him "astonished, angry and disappointed".

"We couldn't believe it when we saw the CCTV footage of these two lads - in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon - chopping it down," he added.

"It's very dangerous what they've done. They could have caused serious injury to themselves, more importantly that could have come crashing down on any kids or families who just happened to be passing by."

The CCTV pole, which was not toppled in the attack, has been taken down for safety reasons but will be replaced.

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