Man raped in Oldham nightclub toilets

A 22-year-old man has been raped in a nightclub in Oldham.

Police said the man was in a toilet cubicle in The Lock club in Oldham Road, Failsworth, when he was attacked at about 0130 BST on 30 April.

It is believed about 20 people were in the toilets at the time of the offence and police now want to speak to them.

Greater Manchester Police has urged anyone who saw anything out of the ordinary in the club that night to contact them.

Vital information

Det Sgt Liz Hopkinson, of Oldham Sexual Offences Investigation Unit, said: "The victim is understandably upset by what happened and has been seen by specially trained officers.

"I now want to hear from anyone who can tell us what happened. I believe there were a large number of people in the toilets at the time of the offence so I am convinced some of them hold vital information.

"The attack only lasted a few moments and it may not have been obvious to anyone there that they had actually witnessed a rape.

"However, we are confident that the victim's account is correct and want to reassure him we are doing everything we can to catch the offender."

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