Stockport brothers travel to school on unicycles

Three brothers from Greater Manchester are travelling to school in a rather unusual way - by unicycle.

Edward, William and Sam Wakefield ride their one-wheeled bikes every day to Gatley Primary in Stockport.

The boys, aged 10, eight and five, were given the bikes by their father Mike, who also rides one.

He said: "I got one as well and I was practising in the kitchen, but as soon as they got theirs they were streets ahead of me."

"Now they ride off-road mountain unicycling and they play hockey on unicycles and all of that, that is way ahead of anything that I can do."

Balance work

He said the boys practised at home before taking to the streets on their unicycles.

"Going outside is very difficult so we started in the kitchen hanging onto cupboards and chairs, at least six months of that for Sam, he started just before he was four and he rode to school just before he was five, so it took him a year to be able to cope with all the bumps and things."

"Unicycles are less stable than bikes and they have no brakes so we have done a lot of work off-road and a lot of balance work so we have a very safe rate."

Edward said: "We get some funny looks, it turns a few people's heads."

William said learning the skill is "just as hard as riding a bike".

He said: "I think I was six when I started and I could ride after six months."

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