Metal theft warning after Oldham explosion

Police have warned against the dangers of stealing metal from electrical machinery after an explosion was caused by thieves in Oldham.

A machine controlling an underground water tank on Honeywell Lane blew up after thieves broke into the building that housed it on Thursday at 1830 BST.

Police said the incident was caused by thieves trying to strip the machine of metal parts.

The explosion caused an estimated £100,000 damage.

Supt Catherine Hankinson said: "Obviously we are deeply concerned that there is someone out there with injuries.

"If you are in need of medical attention, come forward and treatment will be the first priority.

"If someone you know has arrived home with burned clothes get them to come forward.

"They need to realise that making money from stealing metal is not worth putting themselves in such danger for.

"Stealing cable or wiring may seem easy money to some parts of the criminal community, but the consequences can be absolutely terrible."

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