Manchester student Mohammed Saeed fights in Libya

Mohammed Saeed
Image caption Mohammed Saeed, 18, was born in Libya

A Manchester student who travelled to Libya to fight alongside rebels has said he will return home next week to complete his college education.

Libyan-born Mohammed Saeed, 18, said he travels to the country every summer and had fought alongside rebels in the uprising against Colonel Gaddafi.

Mr Saeed said: "It's been as dangerous as it can get, I've seen death maybe a million times up to now."

He said he will return to Manchester in time to start college next week.

The 18-year-old told BBC Radio 4: "I'm going to go back, finish off college - I've got college in five days, maybe less - get my education, get my degree, then come back to Libya."

Mr Saeed, who was armed with an AK-47, added: "I've hated war, I've hated it so much.

"Now I'm here to the sounds of guns, but it's what Gaddafi's made us do - pick up the guns and fight."

He said that he and other rebels had come under fire from rockets and guns, and that he had "almost lost a finger".

"Hopefully, maybe in five years from now, the country will be built and back to normal," he added.

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