Wigan company's £10,000 stolen wire reward

A Wigan company producing specialist heat-resistent wire is offering a £10,000 reward to catch whoever stole more than £80,000 worth of wiring.

Ben Riley, a director of Thermal Hire Ltd, said 1,700 rolls were stolen between 24 August and 27 October.

"I don't think we will get it back but we want to catch whoever did it," said Mr Riley, who said the wire had a low scrap value.

He added: "There has been no sign of a break-in."

The thermocouple wire, has a coating that can withstand up to 1,000C (1,832F), and is used for temperature measurement.

The company, which is based at the Pagefield Industrial Estate on Miry Lane, said each roll, which contains 100m of wire, is worth £50.

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