Manchester police issue burglar's 'to-do list' of targets

Burglar's list
Image caption The list was found outside a burgled house in October

A burglar's "to-do list", which includes details of potential targets and the tools needed to complete the jobs, has been released by police.

The document, found at a burgled house in north Manchester, lists where car keys have been stored near doors and windows have been left open.

It is being used by Greater Manchester Police to warn people of crime risks.

PC Andy Pickering said the list "gives an insight on how thieves identify their targets".

The author of the list, who police suspect was also responsible for the burglary, has not been caught.

Entitled "Lined Up Grafts", it was found outside the house in October and shows other targets in the area.

Among those listed are a house with a "load of notes on fireplace" and another that has "Saab keys behind door".

Valuables such as pedal bikes, cars, vans, laptops, TVs and wallets are all listed as potential items to take.

The type of tools earmarked for use by the burglar include a hammer, cross head and flat head screwdrivers, a torch and a coat hanger.

Mr Pickering said that while "thieves steal all year round", they "get particularly busy during the Christmas and New Year period when homes and cars are filled with presents making the items too good to resist".

"This to-do list gives an insight on how thieves identify their targets and should serve as a reminder to householders on how to protect themselves from falling victim to crime," he said.

"While most thieves are opportunistic, there are some who are more organised and will systematically search out the weaknesses in your neighbourhood for the easiest homes, cars, pedal bikes or other valuables on your property to target and steal."

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