Hattersley residents sing of life on council estate

Life on a council estate in Greater Manchester is the focus of a new musical film being shown on BBC One in the North West.

Songs From Hattersley tells the story of the overspill town built in the 1960s by Manchester City Council.

Residents worked with composer Benjamin Till and professional musicians to create songs about their experiences and memories of living there.

Jean Taylor moved to the estate in the 1960s from the Bradford district of Manchester.

"We've had bad times we know this, and a million other estates have gone through the same thing - but they seem to be mean on Hattersley.

"There is good people on Hattersley."

Ms Taylor sings about moving to her new home in the town and discovering hot running water and a front room that was "like a ballroom".

The 20-minute film also features songs by a young photographer, a local community police officer and a duet by two friends.

Producer Paul Graham said the musical was "a slice of life still seen in many communities throughout the UK".

Adding: "Hattersley has received bad press throughout the years and we felt it was crucial to get the real stories from the mouths of real people."

"The songs cover the highs and lows of life on the council estate, which is ultimately gritty, real and emotive."

'Songs From Hattersley' is on North West Tonight, BBC One 18:30 BST from Monday 26 to Friday 30 March.