Salford mayor election: Confirmed candidates

The final list of candidates for the upcoming Salford mayoral elections has been released by the city council.

Voting for Salford's first directly elected mayor is to take place on Thursday, 3 May.

Listed in alphabetical order by surname, the confirmed candidates are:


Image caption Michael Felse

Mr Felse is chief executive of a health managers training academy and Salford's Community Network.

"I have lived in Salford for 15 years. I enjoy fundraising for voluntary groups.

"The Mayoral Alliance and English Democrats support my manifesto to cut council tax by 50%.

"I will impose a council housing rent freeze and stop huge pay offers to senior council managers.

"I will reduce the number of ward councillors to two per ward as well as create an anti-exploitation Green Belt Co-op controlled by local people.

"I will attract inward investment into youth employment enterprise opportunities and extend pensioner bus permits to help them attend their early morning medicals."


Image caption Karen Garrido

Ms Garrido is leader of the Conservative group on Salford City Council.

"I will open the doors of democracy in Salford. Whoever you are, whatever your background, wherever in the city you live, if you love Salford and want us to thrive, I will speak up for you. My motto is 'trust the people'.

"I will lower council tax year-on-year, protect and improve front-line services and give greater choice in education with fairer admissions.

"I will save our green spaces for future generations and give jobs and training for our young people.

"I will make sure Salford is "open for business" and have zero-tolerance of crime.

"I will create a cleaner, greener city for all and have local roads and highways fixed."


Image caption Bernard Gill

Mr Gill is a local businessman and chairman of the North West Counties Squash League.

"I have major concerns about the lack of jobs, housing, policing, health and education.

"Unemployment is an increasing problem and we need to cut the red tape and taxes hampering small businesses and raise the threshold for income tax.

"There is a need for firm policing as demonstrated by the riots and we need more officers on the front line, not less as government cuts demand.

"Making Salford a safer city is high on my priorities, as is bringing unoccupied premises back into use.

"I know the importance of sport and strongly believe that leisure centres must be kept open and improved to make them more attractive to all age groups, particularly young people."


Image caption Paul Massey

Paul Massey is a local businessman.

  • To fight for the people of Salford on all fronts focusing on drugs, crime and a better quality of life.
  • To prioritise all areas of youth concern to create employment and better education, to re-establish recreational pursuits
  • To work in partnership with the council, police authorities for a better future
  • To fight for small businesses with emphasis on better parking facilities and relaxing charges at certain times of the day
  • To help the elderly with transportation to and from venues and create more leisure facilities for them


Image caption Michael Moulding

Mr Moulding is from Swinton and has 25 years' public service experience.

"If elected we will review the city's association and seek to abolish AGMA as it is another tier of government we don't need.

"We will reduce council tax and review public transport and end the monopoly of First buses in the city which has resulted in expensive bus travel.

"We will increase the number of allotments, adopt zero-tolerance to crime and anti-social behaviour and expose political fraudsters.

"We will reduce council house rents, protect essential front-line services and stop the destruction of 'real' Salford and protect all Salford's heritage.

"We will support a separate 'real' Salford constituency and a separate Swinton and Eccles constituency."


Image caption Joe O'Neill

Mr O'Neill is a former Liberal Democrat councillor who has represented Swinton South.

"For too long we've seen money wasted with little seen for all the spending.

"We hope to see a productive Salford and a sustainable Salford. We want a city powered by unlimited energy, with greater access to the region.

"A city where people get the services they deserve, attracting new business, getting jobs for the people who live here and giving the entrepreneur room to grow.

"A city leading the way with the best education for the next generation. And a city that stays a city.

"The city will be asked to vote for a Green New Deal; we believe we can be the missing link in a political system dominated for too long by two party politics."


Image caption Edward O'Sullivan

Mr O'Sullivan works for a telecommunications business.

"Although not a native born Salfordian, I have lived here for over 20 years.

"I am 53 years old, make my living in the telecommunications and technology sector and have been a business owner.

"My commitment as mayor of Salford is to ensure that Salford people come first, every time, in respect of housing and public services.

"They should benefit from common sense policies and not suffer from the ridiculous political correctness that has paralysed the machinery of government today.

"Cutting business rates and eliminating car park charges, amongst other things, will provide the financial boost this city needs."


Image caption Norman Owen

Mr Owen is leader of the Salford Liberal Democrats and councillor for Claremont Ward.

"As mayor, I will appoint a cross party working cabinet, ensure every child's education counts across the city and improve support to older people and those with disabilities.

"I will fight the poverty and deprivation in Salford, restore heritage sites such as Buile Hill mansion and promote Salford tourism.

"On regeneration, I will definitely reverse the atrocious record of Labour.

"Also on environmental issues, I will invest to make Salford's streets cleaner and greener.

"I will tackle serious crime and anti-social behaviour and ensure that Salford's local communities get the chance to set their own priorities and manage budgets where applicable."


Image caption Ian Stewart

Mr Stewart is the former Labour MP for Eccles.

"Salford is a great city with a proud history. If elected Mayor I promise to work for the people of Salford in these tough times to ensure a more positive future for our city.

"Together we can change this city for the better. I pledge to:

• Work hard and listen to your views;

• Always put the residents of Salford first;

• Bring regeneration and jobs into our city;

• Demand a better deal for Salford from this Government;

• Ensure Salford provides efficient, value for money services."


Image caption Pat Ward

Ms Ward worked for over 20 years in Salford city council.

"I plan to carry out a transparent review with a view to reducing council tax. I will invest in our ageing community by supporting their services and offering them a decent quality of life.

"I want to preserve childhood by supporting play and restoring access to swimming and leisure activities; supporting schemes for young people to actively reduce antisocial behaviour.

"I plan to incentivise new and existing businesses to recruit local people. I want to restore the sense of community to people of Salford using a stronger, safer, cleaner, greener initiative.

"Most of all, I plan to give the people of Salford a voice and take action to manage these tough times, without the pressure of a political agenda."

The Salford mayoral election is being held on 3 May.

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