Bolton shopkeeper stabbed in back during bag robbery

A Bolton shopkeeper has been stabbed in the back by two men who stole a bag of money from him.

The 32-year-old was approached by the men as he closed a shop on Cawdor Street in Farnworth at around 19:30 BST on Saturday.

They demanded he hand over a bag and when he did not, they stabbed in him in the back before escaping with the bag.

Det Insp Michael Sanderson said the man had suffered "serious injuries" as he "bravely tried to defend himself".

Tights on head

The man has received hospital treatment for his injuries, which a police spokesman said were "not life-threatening".

The spokesman said one of the attackers had been tall and stocky with an Eastern European accent, while the other had been tall, light skinned and of medium build.

He added that both had been armed with a knife and had worn tights over their heads.

Mr Sanderson said the pair had "used excessive violence" and were "clearly prepared to do whatever it takes to get what they want".

"The victim has suffered serious injuries and bravely tried to defend himself from his attackers," he said.

"I want anyone who saw people acting suspiciously in the area, has overheard someone talking about this robbery or has any other information about what took place to contact the police."

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