Carl Jordan, 56, faces deportation after 53 years in Manchester

Carl Jordan
Image caption Carl Jordan says he has until 6 April to appeal

A man who has lived in the UK for 53 years says he is facing deportation to the United States because he has not formally applied for residency.

Carl Jordan, from Tameside, Greater Manchester, was born in the United States but moved to Manchester with his mother when he was three.

An American passport-holder, he said he did not realise he needed British citizenship to stay in the country.

The Home Office said he was told he needed to apply for residency in 2007.

A spokesman said: "People born overseas to a British parent do not gain an automatic right to long-term residency in the UK, and the onus is on the individual to ensure their immigration status is free of time restrictions.

"Mr Jordan was told in 2007 of the need to formalise his stay in the UK by providing evidence to support his claim of long-term residency.

"He was also advised in writing on three occasions what level of evidence is required but he has still failed to provide it."

Mr Jordan, a father of three, said he has until 6 April to appeal.

He said: "I thought 'I've lived here all my life, what's the rush?'

"I've never been back to the United States, I've had all my schooling and every job I've had has been in the United Kingdom.

"[Being deported] would be devastating for me and my children."

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