Stepping Hill deaths: Victorino Chua 'like Robin Hood'

Victorino Chua walking down street past houses
Image caption Victorino Chua denies murdering three patients and poisoning 18 others

A nurse accused of murdering patients described himself as a "Robin Hood guy" because he would help people in Philippines slums get medical care.

Victorino Chua denies murdering three patients and poisoning 18 others at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, between 2011 and 2012.

Manchester Crown Court also heard he told police he wrote a letter in which he said "I'm evil" to release tension.

In the letter, he said he had been prescribed anti-depressants.

The father-of-two told police after his arrest in January 2012 that he partly wrote the letter to help his niece studying journalism in the Philippines by describing his life in the UK.

He said he began writing after seeing an occupational health counsellor in June 2010.

Mr Chua was asked in his police interview why he had written: "Got lots to tell but I just take it to my grave."

He said it was not concerning "illegal activity" at the hospital, but about a girlfriend at a care home where he had previously worked.

He said: "I didn't want my wife to know because I was going to keep a secret to myself until I died."

'Under the table'

The 49-year-old was also asked in the police interview why he had described himself as "evil at the same time angel."

He replied he would help slum-dwellers to get cheap medical care through his connections but was also "dealing under the table" for other goods like car accessories.

He suggested his interpretation of evil was "doing the wrong things" and "not playing fair" and not the same as it meant to the police officer.

Mr Chua, of Churchill Street, Stockport, is charged with killing Tracey Arden, 44, Arnold Lancaster, 71, and Alfred Weaver, 83.

He is alleged to have killed his victims by secretly injecting insulin into saline bags between June 2011 and January 2012.

The trial continues.

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