Manchester trainers shopper trusts 'helpful strangers'... and loses £260

Market Street, Manchester Image copyright Emma Farrer
Image caption Police believe the victim was doubly unlucky - as well as losing £260, he had been trying to buy trainers before they even went on sale

A shopper who tried to bypass a store's one per customer policy gave his money to two "kind strangers" who fled with the cash, police have said.

The man had hoped to purchase some limited-edition trainers - so asked two men to buy them on his behalf.

Greater Manchester Police said he was "briefly distracted" after handing over £260, and the pair left the shop.

"To make things worse", they said, "the victim was apparently a day early", and the Adidas shoes were not yet on sale.

Police said the theft of the 34-year-old's money took place in Market Street, Manchester.

The force tweeted: "Regardless of victim's actions, we're doing CCTV work to track down the thief."