Merseyside police event 'to cut young road deaths'

Young people are being urged to attend a motorists' safety event at a Merseyside police station being staged to help reduce death and injury rates.

Police said that almost 2,400 people aged under 25 have been injured on Merseyside roads in the past three years and 12 have died since 2009.

Bromborough police station has been equipped with car simulators for young people to test their abilities.

Police driving instructors are giving demonstrations in a range of cars.

The free event, which was being run from 1000 until 1600 GMT, will also give visitors the opportunity to win free driving lessons, break down kits and a session on the skid pan at Smithdown Lane police station where police drivers learn to negotiate hazardous road surfaces.

'Disastrous combination'

Police vehicle examiners are also available to check cars to ensure they are safe and roadworthy.

Sgt Paul Mountford said: "As a dad of a 20-year-old I would ask other parents to encourage their children to come to this event.

"Road collisions wreck lives. One death on the roads of Merseyside is too many and not only does it needlessly cut young lives short but ruins the lives of their friends and loved ones."

"By nature young people are inexperienced but also tend to be over-confident, which can be a disastrous combination.

"Young drivers, especially men, are more likely to take risks - driving too fast, too close to the car in front and dangerous overtaking.

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