Pregnant women wanted for obesity trial in Liverpool

Baby in womb
Image caption Last year, 150 babies born at the Liverpool Women's Hospital weighed more than 10lb

A hospital in Liverpool is recruiting pregnant women to trial a drug which could prevent obesity in babies.

Liverpool Women's Hospital is one of three hospitals taking part in the trial, led by the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian.

Doctors believe Metformin could reduce the weight of an obese women's unborn baby. Overweight women tend to give birth to overweight babies.

Last year, 150 babies born at the hospital weighed more than 10lb.

Dr Andrew Weeks, who is leading the study, said the drug, often used by diabetics, reduces the mother's blood sugar.

"What happens then is that the blood sugar going through to the baby is also reduced a little bit so the baby isn't having to cope with high levels of sugar and that has this weight reduction effect on the baby in utero."

He said it was a "very familiar drug" which was safe to use during pregnancy.

Dr Weeks said obese women typically give birth to larger babies, who in turn become larger adults and then also give birth to larger babies.

Anyone eligible for the trial will be given information at their booking appointment.

Women can also contact the research midwife at the hospital.

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