Creamfields warning: PMA drug 'stronger than ecstasy'

People heading to the annual Creamfields festival in Cheshire are being warned about the dangers of a new drug which is "stronger than ecstasy".

Halton council's drug action team said Para-methoxyamphetamine (PMA), increases blood pressure, body temperature and pulse rate.

They warned festivalgoers that dancing for long periods or excessive water drinking with the drug could be fatal.

The Creamfields festival takes place in Daresbury on Saturday and Sunday.

'Affects the brain'

A Liverpool man, Lee David Monaghan, 29, died from a fatal concentration of PMA in June.

A Halton drug action team spokesman said: "PMA is stronger than ecstasy so the risk of overheating is greater. If you feel your temperature soaring on the dance floor seek help immediately.

"It can cause the body to release a hormone that suppresses urine production.

"This means that if you drink a few pints of liquid too quickly, water builds up in the body and interferes with your body's salt balance.

"This can directly affect the brain and this can be as deadly as not drinking enough water.

"Reduce the risks by remembering to sip no more than a pint of non-alcoholic fluid every hour."

A spokeswoman for Creamfields said: "We're urging all festival-goers to act responsibly, and we once again reinforce that Creamfields operates a strict no drugs policy.

"The health and safety of our customers is our main priority so if you do begin to feel unwell during the weekend please visit the medical team located within the welfare tent who will be there to help."

Cheshire Police, who will have officers on site over the weekend, are encouraging people to use amnesty bins that will be provided at entrances to the festival.

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