Wedding ring found in Mersey Tunnel toll machine

Wedding ring
Image caption The ring was found among coins in a tunnel toll machine

Mersey Tunnels officials are trying to trace the owner of a wedding ring which was found among coins collected in a toll payment machine.

The ring, which has an inscription that partly reads "Until I die" was found by a toll officer at the Queensway Tunnel.

Officials believe it accidentally fell from the finger of someone dropping coins in the machine.

Anyone who can identify the ring, which is inscribed with a name and date, should contact Mersey Tunnels Police.

A spokesman for Merseytravel said: "This ring may have innocently slipped from the finger of a person paying to travel through the tunnel, and while they may be aware the ring has been lost, they may not know where.

"It would be lovely to reunite the ring with its owner before Christmas."

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