Man 'wanted to be shot by police' in Great Yarmouth

A man with an imitation gun kidnapped a motorist in Great Yarmouth in an elaborate attempt to get himself shot by armed police, a court has heard.

Peter Watts, 19, admitted kidnapping Joseph Smith and possessing an imitation firearm.

Norwich Crown Court heard Watts went on a "downward spiral" after the death of his father and on 13 August 2010 attempted to get police to shoot him.

He was sentenced to two years in a young offenders' institution.

'Very serious'

Christopher Youell, prosecuting, said Watts stopped Mr Smith in his car by waving a BB gun.

He told him to drive to Salisbury Road, Great Yarmouth, where he ordered Mr Smith to get out of the car.

Mr Smith ran off and phoned police, the court heard.

Two officers went to the scene and Watts pointed a gun towards their car.

But a kebab shop worker tackled Watts and got the gun off him.

Watts was heard saying: "Why are there no firearms officers? You are just normal police officers?"

'Absolutely petrified'

Jonathan Goodman, representing Watts, said his client had wanted to die and had been hoping he would be shot.

Judge Paul Downes told Watts: "What you did was very serious indeed.

"You are a man of previous good character and at the time were suffering from an adjustment disorder.

"It was a suicide attempt and you expected the police officers would be armed and you did not expect to be alive after that day.

"But you were there with a realistic gun and everyone must have been absolutely petrified."

Judge Downes awarded kebab shop worker Zati Aslan £400 from the public purse for his bravery.

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