Council battle King's Lynn incinerator plan

Borough councillors in west Norfolk have condemned the county council for signing a £500m deal with a waste incinerator consortium.

Residents and the borough council had rejected an incinerator plan for King's Lynn, which was then agreed by the county council on 7 March.

On Thursday, the borough council held a special meeting and said the government should look at the case.

The county council said the plant was needed to stop waste going to landfill.

But the borough council has asked for a report to look into a possible judicial review.

Following the meeting, which attracted hundreds of people, the borough council released a statement.


"In a recent poll nine out of every 10 people who voted, opposed the construction of a municipal waste mass burn incinerator at Saddlebow, Kings Lynn," it said.

"This council deplores the decision taken by the cabinet of Norfolk County Council on 7 March to approve the contract for its construction.

"The council condemns the decision because it was undemocratic in that it ignored the 65,500 local people in west Norfolk who voted to oppose the incinerator."

At its cabinet meeting on 7 March, the county council voted for the plans and said the plant was needed to stop waste going to landfill and to generate energy.

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