Chile X Factor favourite is from Thetford in Norfolk

A former choirboy from Thetford in Norfolk has been tipped to win the X Factor in Chile.

Charlie Bick, a student in Santiago, performed a Spanish version of Enrique Iglesias' Hero at the auditions.

"I'm feeling confident and I think I've a very good chance of going far," Mr Bick told BBC Radio 5 live.

Despite only studying Spanish for three months, the 19-year-old's performance has received more YouTube hits than any other entrant.

'Better in Spanish'

He was encouraged to attend the open-auditions by the people he shares a house with in the Chilean capital.

"They said that I should go along because they knew that I did a bit of singing," said Mr Bick.

"When I walked on to the stage I was actually way more nervous about talking with the judging panel because of my Spanish.

"I was worried I wasn't going to understand something, so I wasn't really thinking about the song."

Not thinking about the singing almost brought his X-Factor experience to an abrupt end as the judges were less than impressed with his initial attempt.

"I sang Robbie Williams' Angels and I didn't sing it very well.

"They gave me a second opportunity and they asked me to sing in Spanish and I sang better.

"It was quite funny because all of the judge panel were saying that I should forget about singing in English because I'm doing it better in Spanish, which was a big surprise for me."

Mr Bick said he was surprised by the level of interest his appearance on the show has generated.

Girls' requests

"It was amazing because I really didn't expect it at all.

"Not being a local I didn't think that I would connect with the people but I did.

"When my audition went out on air, about 30 seconds after it finished I had about 200 Facebook requests - all from girls."

Mr Bick is confident that he has the ability to reach the later stages of the competition, but is just happy to be taking part.

"I know the other contestants and we're all really friendly together but I think that I can go far.

"It's great for me because I have a big passion for singing.

"I've always sung since I was a kid and to do it out here it gives a sort of strange element to it."

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