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Lib Dems lose control of St Albans council

The Liberal Democrats have lost control of St Albans council in Hertfordshire.

The council now has no party in overall control with 29 Conservative councillors, 24 Lib Dems, three from Labour, one Green and one independent.

No other council holding elections in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire experienced a change in control.

The Lib Dems retained a big majority in Watford on a night of heavy losses for the party across England.

They lost one councillor, as did the Tories, but still have 24 of the council's 36 members. Labour made two gains and are the second largest party with six seats.

Elsewhere in Hertfordshire, the Lib Dems also held Three Rivers, again losing just one councillor.

But at Milton Keynes Council, the Tories gained four seats from the Lib Dems and replaced them as the largest party on the council, though it remains without any one party in overall control.

The new council will be made up of 21 Tories, 18 Liberal Democrats, nine Labour councillors and three independents.

Bedford Borough Council also remained with no party in overall control but the Lib Dems lost their status as the largest party on the council. Labour, the Conservatives and Lib Dems now each have 12 seats and there are also four independents.

But there was some much-needed good news for the Lib Dems in the town with Dave Hodgson re-elected as mayor after second preference votes were counted.

Luton Borough Council remains under Labour control, with the party gaining 11 seats - nine from the Lib Dems and two from the Conservatives.

Labour also held Stevenage, where a third of the 39 seats were up for election but not a single one changed hands. Labour have 27 councillors, the Conservatives nine and the Lib Dems three.

The Conservatives held Wycombe council and Welywn and Hatfield, though both councils saw some Labour gains.

They also held Central Bedfordshire with a massive majority, as the Lib Dems lost six of their 11 councillors. Boundary changes mean there are seven fewer councillors overall but the Conservatives remain dominant, with 49 of 59 councillors, having previously had 54 out of 66.

The Tories gained one seat at Broxbourne Borough Council from an independent, strengthening their control of the authority. The new council will be made up of three Labour councillors and 35 Conservatives.

The Tories also retained leadership of North Herts, East Herts and Hertsmere councils in Hertfordshire and in Buckinghamshire they also held South Bucks, Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern.

In Dacorum Conservatives brought their number up to 43 by taking a seat from Labour who were reduced to two with Lib Dems on six.

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