Mail scam costs Norfolk pensioner more than £15,000

A series of scam letters targeting vulnerable people in the UK has conned more than £15,000 from one Norfolk pensioner.

The elderly victim sent £100 a week to scammers for more than three years.

Her daughter, who requested anonymity, told BBC Radio Norfolk her mother "was being very secretive about where her money was going".

Norfolk County Council's trading standards team says a few helpful rules can prevent serious financial losses.

Despite being told by her daughter that the money she was sending was going to fraudsters, the woman is said to have believed the people were her friends and continued to supply them with the money.

Anne Jackson, from Norfolk Trading Standards, said "these people ingratiate themselves with you and try to be your friends".

She added: "There are different ways of approaching us, many people do it through e-mail.

"But the best thing to do is to sit it out, show them you're not interested and they'll lose interest in you."

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