Norwich Airport icy runway causes Lapland flight cancellation

Icy weather has been blamed for the cancellation of a flight from Norwich International Airport to visit "Father Christmas" in Lapland.

Several disappointed children and their parents were told the news in the departure lounge by operator Transun.

The flight from Norwich to Enontekio in Finland had been due to leave at 07:30 GMT.

Airport chief executive Andrew Bell apologised but said safety was the first priority.

Karen Park from Norfolk Deaf Children's Society said they had planned to take nine deaf children and their families for a "magical day out".

"If there had been extreme weather conditions I could understand but cancelling just over a bit of frost is ridiculous.

"We now have nine extremely upset children who won't be getting to visit Father Christmas."

'Wasted day'

Mr Bell said: "I am really sorry the flight had to be cancelled and there are so many disappointed people.

"But we have to be absolutely sure it is safe to fly and, ultimately, it is the operator's decision not to take off."

After snow and rain then freezing temperatures on Saturday night, it took longer than expected for the airport to reopen the runway.

"It takes a co-ordinated team of people and equipment to prepare the airfield," Mr Bell said.

"We started early but it took a lot longer than expected."

Richard Brinkley, who was due to go on the trip with his family, said: "Some people had travelled from Stansted in Essex in bad road conditions.

"It's been a wasted day for all and very upsetting."

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