Norwich City College lecturer's pay-out bid for attack fails

A lecturer beaten by a rapist on day release from jail has failed in a bid for a six-figure compensation deal.

Neil Trennan slipped away from a prison escort and attacked Sally Rust-Andrews in a toilet at Norwich City College in 2002, the High Court heard.

She received £35,000 in 2008, but claimed this should be increased to a maximum of £100,000 for lost earnings.

Three judges rejected the appeal and said she was entitled to lost earnings only up until June 2010.

Trennan was serving a life sentence for rape and assault, and later received another life sentence for the attack in which he used a brick, on Ms Rust-Andrews.

'Mental suffering'

The court heard she was left suffering post-traumatic stress disorder and her life was still blighted by the trauma of what happened.

She had put in a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and was at first offered £1,500 for her physical injuries in 2004.

Her award was later increased to £8,650 in 2007 in the light of her mental suffering, the court heard.

This was increased by a tribunal to £35,000 in 2008, which her legal team argued was not enough.

Lord Justice Carnwath, sitting with Lord Justice Stanley Burnton and Sir Robin Jacob, upheld the tribunal's view that, had Ms Rust-Andrews undergone cognitive behavioural therapy, the chance of her "disabling mental illness" being permanent would be reduced to below 50%.

Her legal team had earlier argued that Ms Rust-Andrews' experience interfered with her working life so badly that the tribunal was wrong to conclude that cognitive behavioural therapy would probably restore her full capacity to earn a living by June last year.

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