Stowaway coach death 'accidental' rules Norfolk coroner

A teenage stowaway was killed when the coach he had hidden underneath reversed over him, an inquest heard.

It is believed Eritrean Ahmed Osman, 17, had crept into a void on the coach when it was unattended at Calais, northern France, in July 2013.

Driver Robert Evans told the King's Lynn inquest he washed down the coach at the depot in Bexwell, Norfolk, but felt some resistance as he reversed.

Norfolk coroner Jaqueline Lake recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Forensic investigator Forbes Scott said he believe the teenager had climbed underneath the vehicle and was carried in a void "between the chassis and the floor".

The stowaway was only slightly built but it would still have been difficult for him to get in and out of the space, the court heard.

Ms Lake said there was no way that the coach driver could have known the teenager was aboard the coach and it was a tragic accidental death.

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