Bridge closure disrupts traffic in Oundle

Repairs to a medieval bridge linking Oundle to a main road in Northamptonshire could reach £650,000, it has been revealed.

South Bridge, on the link road to the A605, was closed in March 2011 after a water mains fracture.

County council engineers have been assessing the damage and the extent to which traditional construction methods can be used to repair it.

Engineers hope to complete the work by January next year.

Andre Gonzales De Savage, from Northamptonshire County Council, said: "We discovered that there were more faults on some of the arches."

Dr Ben Robinson, who inspects ancient monuments for English Heritage, said studies on the bridge would tell them "how much intervention into the fabric we need and how much we might have to alter the bridge".

They are looking to use traditional methods to fix the bridge including the use of lime mortar but the repairs could reached £650,000.

"We are looking at different methods of approach on how we use lime mortar at low temperatures but clearly we are going into the winter so it may take more time," said Mr De Savage.

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