Northamptonshire Police target drivers using mobile phones

More than 1,000 Northamptonshire drivers have been caught and fined for using a mobile phone at the wheel in the past nine months.

Police believe several deaths over the time surveyed, resulted from drivers on their phones.

In 2010 patrols stopped and fined 1,841 drivers for the offence which carries a fine of £60 and three penalty points.

Some campaigners believe the current fines do not sufficiently deter motorists from using phones.

Northamptonshire Police said there were known links between the use of phones while driving and serious accidents.

Inspector Nigel Rickaby from Northamptonshire Police said: "Sadly we've had a number of fatal collisions where we know that people involved have been using a mobile phone. The consequences are absolutely horrific."

Ellen Booth, from the road safety charity Brake said: "If you are caught drink driving you could face a 12 month ban, we are saying that we should have the equivalent for people using a mobile phone while driving."

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