Bollards restrict traffic through Wellingborough centre

Enforcement bollards to restrict traffic through Wellingborough town centre are being put into operation this month.

The bollards at the end Market Street will restrict traffic from Church Road between 09:00 and 16:30 GMT from Monday to Saturday.

Access during those hours will be for buses, Hackney carriages and emergency services only.

Buses have been fitted with devices that will activate the bollards.

Taxis can apply for a swipe card.

Graham Lawman, chairman of Wellingborough Council's development committee, welcomed the scheme.

He said: "The bollards have been in place since the main part of the improvement works finished in the spring but we've had to sort out a few operational issues, including getting CCTV coverage, before we could get them up and running.

Mr Lawman added: "The traffic restrictions will make the area more attractive and welcoming for shoppers."

Business concerns

However some business owners have voiced concern over the bollards.

Mehmet Ali Koc, owner of the Marmaris Kebab House on Midland Road, said: "The important thing is that the time the bollards are up does not change.

"Any earlier or later and businesses on Midland Road will suffer.

"There are a lot of takeaways and restaurants here and we reply on people driving by, particularly in the evening.

"While the bollards are up drivers have to take a diversion down Alma Street and wait for the lights, which isn't good for people who don't know the town well."

The bollards will be provisionally working from Monday 7 November and will become fully operational from the following Monday.

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