Sywell Country Park Reservoir gets a fish boost

Around 2,000 young tench have been released into a park reservoir in Northamptonshire.

The Environment Agency is boosting numbers of tench in Sywell Country Park on Westbrook Lane near Northampton.

The 10cm long fish have been brought in from Caverton Fish Farm in Nottinghamshire.

Northamptonshire County Council is working to improve the habitat at Sywell and will use the fish to keep stocks healthy.

'Helping hand'

Fisheries Team member Hugh Bunker said: "Local anglers including the Tenchfishers group have reported that the fishery would benefit from a helping hand to ensure good stocks of tench remain for the future."

According to the Environment Agency, tench are also known as the 'doctor fish' because their slimy skins were once thought to heal other species.

They like to live and feed near the bottom of still-water lakes and other water bodies. Sywell Country Park Reservoir also has pike, roach, perch and rudd in its waters.

The Environment Agency said it is planning to carry out a series of surveys and monitoring projects at Sywell Country Park Reservoir over the next two years.

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