Northamptonshire council announces cuts to save £750,000

A package of more than 30 potential cuts has been put forward by a Northamptonshire council to meet a £750,000 shortfall.

The plans for Wellingborough Council include cuts to the budget for repairing street signs and memorials, cutting training and reducing the cost of the mayoral car.

Members ruled out raising council tax rates to balance the books.

The cuts will be put to public consultation at the end of December.

A decision will be made in March.

Mayor's costs

One proposed saving is to limit the cost of the town's mayoral car to £1,000 a month.

Currently the council spends £16,000 a year hiring the mayor a car and a driver for events.

Labour councillor Tim Maguire said: "I think regarding the mayor, these cuts are a step in the right direction.

"When you have to lose good people from the council it is surprising that so much is paid out on the mayor and the mayor's car.

"The good thing about these plans is that they will be considered by the public."

Other suggestions to save cash include reducing stationery and training budgets, which could save almost £35,000.

A further restructure of the council's management will also be considered to save about £60,000.

Council leader Paul Bell said: "We have already identified more than £5m of savings, but even taking those into account our expenditure at the moment is £750,000 more than the £8.6m we will have available next year.

"Councillors and employees have thought long and hard about ways we can do this."

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