Northamptonshire pet dog on drip after eating cannabis

Major the chocolate Labrador is recovering
Image caption Major the dog is recovering after eating cannabis while out walking in Northamptonshire

A dog had to be taken to an emergency vet after swallowing cannabis while walking in Northamptonshire.

Christine Proctor noticed her six-year-old Labrador was behaving oddly after a walk in Ecton Brook playing fields in Northampton on Sunday.

Major was taken to an out-of-hours vet who confirmed the dog had eaten the drug and put him on a drip.

Mrs Proctor, 57, who has had to pay £350 in vet fees, said: "He is getting better but he is still dazed."

She added: "Initially he was was so frightened, he was hiding in the corner, then he was sensitive to touch and he couldn't control his bladder.

"It was horrible to see him like that."

Dog owners beware

Mrs Proctor, who is disabled and lives in sheltered housing, had to borrow the money to pay for Major's medical care.

She said: "He has had £350 of treatments and he will have to have more tests to make sure he is rid of it - I would warn any dog owner to be careful."

If Major had been a smaller dog the drugs could have killed him.

Vet Anna Holden, of Swanspool Veterinary Practice in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire said that dog owners should be vigilant.

"Dogs are very sensitive to drugs it can affect them very badly - in some cases it can lead to death.

"With cannabis dogs get hyper, they become very weak then they go into a coma state, it is traumatic for them."

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