Tesco bans whole school from one Northamptonshire store

An entire Northamptonshire school was banned from a Tesco store in a decision described as "mad" by its principal.

The superstore banned all 1,400 students at Kettering Science Academy from its branch on Windmill Avenue.

A spokesperson for the store said the ban was put in place after some of the school's pupils stole from the shop and were intimidating its staff.

The ban was lifted earlier after the school pledged to work with the store.

Principal Martin Campbell said: "Tesco today lifted the ban on Kettering Science Academy students because I think they realised that the vast majority are a credit to the school, to the community and to their parents.

'Knee jerk reaction'

"I will be conducting an assembly on Monday morning to assure students that I have every faith in them as hard working and good children.

"I will, however, point out that a small minority have let themselves and the Academy down and should face the consequences."

Mr Campbell did criticise the ban which was in place this week.

"It was pretty mad - a knee-jerk reaction. It was unnecessary," he said.

A Tesco spokesperson said: "Following constructive discussions with the school, the ban was lifted (on Thursday) and we hope this matter has now been resolved.

"The ban was only ever a temporary measure, as we will not tolerate intimidation of our staff or disruption for customers.

"We will continue to work with the school and will monitor the new arrangements."

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